- A Safe Haven For All Chinchillas

Island Exotic Veterinary Care is an animal hospital specializing in the care of  birds and exotic pets only. We do not treat dogs or cats so we can provide a predator-free environment for our special pets. This means a quiet, clean, friendly place for our little critters.

Our avian clientele ranges from pet birds like canaries, cockatiels and parrots, to backyard poultry pets and birds of prey. Our mammal patients are ferrets, rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, small rodents like mice, rats, gerbils and hamsters, and unusual species like sugar gliders and hedgehogs. Non-venomous reptiles of all species are welcome patients. 

After 20 years of treating exotics inside large dog-cat hospitals, our founding veterinarian, Dr. Heidi Hoefer, opened Island Exotic Veterinary Care  in 2007.  It is the first 100% exotic pet hospital on Long Island and only one of three in New York.  We are a free-standing house completely outfitted for the unique patients that we care for.  There are no barking dogs to scare our timid or sick patients. We maintain a small friendly staff that is specifically trained in the care and management of exotic pets.

We are proud and loving owners of exotics ourselves and this is a passion we all share.  You are welcome to stop by and get a tour of our facilities and ask questions. Check us out on Facebook! We look forward to meeting you.